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We pride ourselves on working with professional dog trainers like you in order to deliver the best training device to support everyone's dog training journey. What we heard repeatedly was how clients often are overwhelmed and fumble with our professional grade e-collars. So we...More Details
We pride ourselves on working with professional dog trainers like you in order to deliver the best training device to support everyone's dog training journey. What we heard repeatedly was how clients often are overwhelmed and fumble with our professional grade e-collars. So we asked ourselves: "What would an e-collar look like if even my grandma could use it?"

CUE GEN2 has improved features based on feedbacks from professionals that further enhanced the usability, even for beginners or elders.

  • Tailored to You: Customize the unmistakable functions keys to your client's preferences. Preset CUE and simply hand it to your clients to minimize the "mess up" and improve the timing.
  • Beginner Friendly: A large font status display screen and enlarged buttons make this compact, lightweight trainer user-friendly.
  • Doggo-Friendly: IPX9K extreme waterproofing, a safety level lock, nickel free plastic contact points, and a convertible receiver that fits dogs of all neck shapes and sizes.
  • Precise Level Control: The output correction correction amount can be adjusted to 99 micro-levels using the level buttons, ensuring the exact amount for your dog. Dogtra uses category's lowest frequency stimulation for more tolerable and safe correction for your dog.

Focus on your doggo and yourself during training - Keep the e-collar simple. LEARN MORE HERE.

Talk to your local trainer or us for an ideal function key set up that meets your needs or skill level.

400 Yard Range

The CUE GEN2 is the latest innovation in dog training tools, designed specifically for the obedience-focused dog owner. With a 400-yard range, this advanced e-collar offers ample flexibility for effective training both at home and in open spaces. Its user-friendly interface and large primary button ensures precise control, making it easier for owners to reinforce positive behaviors and manage their dog's training with confidence.

Customizable Buttons

The CUE GEN2 stands out with its customizable boost feature, allowing owners to adjust the intensity of the boost according to their dog's specific training needs. This personalized approach ensures effective and humane correction tailored to individual dogs.

Additionally, the e-collar offers the flexibility to set the primary and secondary function buttons to match your training preferences. Whether you need quick access to Nick, Continuous or Vibration, the CUE GEN2 adapts to your style, providing a personalized training experience.

Safety Level Lock

The CUE GEN2 e-collar also features a Safety Level Lock, which prevents accidental changes to the stimulation intensity during training sessions. This ensures consistent and reliable correction, providing peace of mind for owners and maintaining the desired training level.

With 99 adjustable training levels, the CUE GEN2 offers a wide range of options to find the perfect setting for your dog's temperament and training requirements. This wide range of levels allows for gradual and precise adjustments, ensuring that your dog receives the most effective and humane training experience possible.

Expandable Up to 3 Dogs

The CUE GEN2 e-collar is designed with expandability in mind, expandable up to three dogs simultaneously. This makes it an ideal choice for multi-dog households. Each dog's training levels are individually remembered when toggling between them, ensuring that each dog receives consistent and tailored training based on their personal needs.

USB-C Charging

The CUE GEN2 e-collar is equipped with a USB Type-C charging port, making recharging quick and easy. This modern charging solution ensures that the e-collar is always ready for use, providing reliable performance without the hassle of outdated charging methods.

Additionally, the CUE GEN2 features composite plastic contact points designed specifically for dogs with sensitive skin. These gentle contact points reduce irritation and provide a comfortable training experience, making the CUE GEN2 an ideal choice for dogs of all skin types and coat lengths.

IPX9K Waterproof

The CUE GEN2 e-collar features an IPX9K waterproof receiver, ensuring durability and reliable performance even in the harshest conditions. This high level of waterproofing makes it ideal for training in any weather, providing consistent functionality regardless of the environment.

*Only collar is IPX9K rated.


The CUE GEN2 e-collar is designed for versatility, allowing the collar to be reoriented to a vertical or horizontal position to better fit your dog's neck. This customizable fit ensures optimal comfort and effectiveness during training sessions.

With Your Dog's Safety in Mind

The CUE GEN2 e-collar prioritizes your dog's safety with nickel-free plastic contact points, ideal for sensitive skin, and a safety level lock to prevent accidental changes in stimulation. These features ensure a safe, comfortable, and secure training experience for your dog.

By Trainers, For Dog Parents

Designed with trainers in mind, made for dog parents, and trusted by professionals since 1985, the CUE GEN2 e-collar combines expert insights with user-friendly features to deliver reliable and effective dog training solutions.


No, cellular service is not required for you to use either the PATHFINDER2 or PATHFINDER2 MINI. Our free maps can be downloaded directly to your phone so that cellular service is not longer needed while in use.

No, the PATHFINDER2 does not require a subscription to use. The PATHFINDER2 must have the PATHFINDER2 app installed on your smartphone, which can be downloaded for FREE from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

No, PATHFINDER2 collars will not be able to connect to any PATHFINDER1 systems.