Meet the E-Collar that pairs perfectly with your latte because even training sessions deserve a side of style. E-collar training can be a whole mood, but fear not! The CUE GEN2 redefines the landscape with its user-friendly design, catering to both novices and seasoned dog owners alike.

Join us in a journey through the empowering features that distinguish CUE GEN2, promising a positive and enriching e-collar training experience – because leaning into canine understanding is not just a choice, it's a powerful commitment.

Tailored to You:

  • Customizable Function Keys: Adapt the device to your training needs for a personalized experience.
  • Versatile Training: Whether focusing on recall or specific commands, CUE GEN2 caters to individual preferences.

Beginner-Friendly E-Collar Design:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The large font status display ensures easy comprehension.
  • Enlarged Buttons: Navigation is simplified with easily accessible buttons.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Designed for ease of use, even for those new to e-collar training.

Doggo-Friendly E-Collar Innovation:

  • IPX9K Extreme Waterproofing: Endures all weather conditions for uninterrupted training.
  • Safety Level Lock: Ensures a safe training environment by preventing accidental activations.
  • Nickel-Free Plastic Contact Points: Prioritizes comfort, preventing irritation.
  • Convertible Receiver: Accommodates all neck shapes and sizes, enhancing versatility.

Precise Level Remote Collar Control:

  • Adjustable Correction Amounts: Fine-tune training with 99 micro-levels of correction.
  • Tailored to Temperament: Customize correction levels to match your dog's temperament.
  • Lowest Frequency Stimulation: Ensures a tolerable and safe correction.

Key CUE GEN2 E-Collar Steps:

  1. Turning On the Dogtra CUE GEN2:
    • Locate the power symbol to activate the remote screen.
    • Turn on the collar by holding the collar button until the LED turns green.
    • The collar blinks regularly once activated.
  2. Communication Check:
    • Use mode buttons to switch to pager mode.
    • Confirm collar communication by pressing the pager button.
    • Verify communication before use.
  3. NCP Mode Switch Button:
    • Switch between Nick, Continuous, and Pager modes for correction.
    • Nick offers 1/12th of a second correction; Continuous and Pager can be held for up to 12 seconds.
  4. Adjusting Stimulation Levels:
    • Use side buttons to adjust levels from 0 to 99.
    • Press and hold for easy adjustment up or down.
  5. Setting the Function Button:
    • Enter function mode by holding the NCP mode button until the screen blinks.
    • Choose between constant, boost, or pager for the function button.
    • Lock in the selected function, e.g., boost level 10.
  6. Utilizing the Boost Feature:
    • Ensure the system is off zero to use the boost feature.
    • Tap up to the desired base level.
    • Function button now serves as a boost, adjusting levels with a press.
    • Customize corrections with the function button for effective training.


CUE GEN2 stands as an innovative beacon in e-collar training, bridging the gap between effectiveness and accessibility, promising a positive and rewarding experience for both trainers and their furry companions.

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