Training made easy starts with Dogtra CUE, the newest Remote Trainer with essential training and safety features, a Big LCD Screen, and Big Main Button.

CUE offers 3 training modes; Nick, Continuous Nick, and Pager Vibration, along with Customizable Boost for instant level increases to recall your dog.

The unique unit design features a built in Carabiner Hook, Plastic Contact Points, and Expandable up to 3-dogs.

CUE allows users to set a custom stimulation and training function for each dog, making it easier to train multiple dogs.

Not sure which button to press or when to press it? CUE delivers simplicity to allow you to just be in the moment and focus on the training. 

Our friend and trainer Tom Davis describes BOOST as going from ASKING to TELLING. Use the BOOST in the moments where you need to get your dog's attention. 

Your dog's safety is important and we get it sometimes us humans make mistakes! To help prevent some of those human errors we incorporated features such as safety level lock and the 12 second max correction feature.

CUE can be adjusted to fit most neck sizes. For longer or thinner necks use the vertical fit and for all other neck sizes use the horizontal fit. 

CUE is NICKEL-FREE with it's plastic contact points designed for dog's with sensitive skin.

Check out Dog Trainer, Lane Hollingworth's CUE reels on our page! See the CUE live and in action here.

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