Growing up, Scott Harris was an animal junkie. Of course, being raised on a farm makes that almost a certainty. From as far back as he can remember, Scott always thought he was a dog trainer. Always jumping that fence to befriend any dog he saw. After discharge from the military, Scott had no idea what he wanted to do, but he knew he had to do something with dogs. So he started an invisible fencing business and shadowed professional trainers in his spare time. Soon, he latched on with Tom Sorenson as an assistant trainer and learned the tools of the trade on the fly. After meeting fellow Dogtra field staff member Robin MacFarlane, Scott ventured out on his own and started Canine Peace of Mind. Scott considers meeting Robin his “light bulb moment.”
Based out of Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, Scott takes a unique approach to obedience training. At his kennel, Canine Peace of Mind, Scott provides private lessons, board training programs, and puppy-raising programs to help forge bonds between dogs and their owners. With small program sizes, Scott ensures every dog gets plenty of individual training time they deserve. Scott guarantees no dog gets lost in the shuffle and exposes every dog to practical, real-world situations at local parks and river walks after they master the basics. Along with that, Canine Peace of Mind still boasts a secluded, private facility where the dogs are free to roam and play off-leash.
Scott truly cares for your dog and firmly believes the e-collar is a useful tool. All puppies that are born at Canine Peace of Mind are conditioned to the e-collar from day 1 to the day they leave. After finding a new home for the puppies, Scott even follows up and spends one-on-one training time with the new owners to ensure the transition is smooth.

Common Dog Owner Problems

A few common problems Scott sees with dogs and owners is lack of communication. Another issue he sees is owners relying strictly on treat training. This becomes a problem when the dog is given a treat to attempt to stop bad behavior. This results in the owner essentially enabling the dog. “There’s an immense amount of social pressure to treat train and spoil the dog, and it doesn’t have to be that way to get results.”

“Another big thing I see is owners just expecting things out of their dogs.” Said Scott. “Many of these dogs haven’t been shown a different way. Humans have miscommunication with people who they speak the same language with, so it’s natural to have miscommunication with dogs.”

E-collar Training Tips

In Scott’s opinion, he finds that getting the dog associated with the e-collar from day one is crucial. “Once you start building the association between the e-collar and fun time, that’s when progress starts.”

From a technical standpoint, timing is everything and that’s the advantage of using a Dogtra e-collar. “It’s a communication tool, and when I use it, I know I will be able to get the response I want out of the dog.” Said Scott. “Once you and your dog become comfortable and start communicating effectively with the e-collar, that’s when you’ll start to see rapid results. I don’t train without a Dogtra e-collar in my hand because of that reason.”

Scott also says a useful tip for those who are just getting started with their dog, regardless of how old they are, a good starting point is using the vibrate feature. “I use the vibrate feature on dogs who have a lower stimulation tolerance because it’s another way I can ensure effective communication without harming the dog. Dogtra’s High Performance Pager has been the best of any I’ve used and I’m able to get through to even the softest of dogs.”

Scott was first introduced to Dogtra by our good friend and supporter, Robin McFarlane and hasn't looked back since.

"Dogtra is the only training collar I use. I love the innovative technology and the top notch customer service. My favorite collar has been the 280 and I just ordered 10 of the new 280Cs. It's the only ecollar I recommend to my clients, and I have had zero complaints. Huge thanks to the team at Dogtra."

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