Dogtra collars are designed to help train and keep your furry friend safe. However, when the battery is not charging, it can be a frustrating and potentially dangerous situation. During the winter season, this issue is more likely to occur due to colder temperatures affecting the battery's performance. To ensure your Dogtra collar is always charged and ready to use, it's essential to maintain the battery properly. Here are some valuable battery maintenance tips that can help you overcome the challenge of your Dogtra collar not charging, especially during the colder months.

E-Collar Winter Battery Maintenance Tips

As a dog owner, you rely on your e-collar to train and protect your furry companion. However, a failing battery can quickly put your dog's safety at risk. During the winter months, the colder temperatures can impact your e-collar's battery, causing it to fail or perform poorly. Here are the signs that your e-collar battery needs maintenance:

  • Batteries are running down much quicker
  • The receiver or transmitter stops responding even though it is not due time for a charge
  • Stimulation is intermittent or inaccurate
  • Range drastically affected
  • Units shut off unexpectedly.

If you see some of the signs above, please try the following before calling our Stand-by Customer Service Representatives:

  • When using units in freezing or below-freezing temperatures for long periods of time, please protect your transmitter from the cold by keeping it in your jacket or vest.
  • Charge the units more frequently and make sure to do so for the full charging time recommended in your owners manual prior to use
  • When charging, make sure to charge the unit at room temperature and check for any water or moisture gathered inside the charging port; dry if needed.
  • Do not store or leave overnight your units in cold conditions, such as unheated garages, sheds, or vehicles.
  • If your unit has batteries older than 2~3 years, replacement of the batteries can eliminate some of these problems also.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, properly maintaining your Dogtra collar's battery is crucial to ensuring its optimal performance and your dog's safety. Especially during the winter season, when batteries are more susceptible to cold temperatures, it's essential to be aware of potential battery issues and take preventative measures. By following the battery maintenance tips we've discussed in this article, such as storing the collar in a warm place and charging the battery regularly, you can avoid encountering issues with your Dogtra collar's battery. Taking these steps will help keep your furry friend safe and ensure you can rely on your e-collar when you need it.

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