PATHFINDER App Update Announcement What’s New in Version 1.4.5

The PATHFINDER App is compatible with iOS 8.1 and up and Android 4.3 and up. For a full list of devices, go to

1. Offline Google Maps™

The Offline Google Maps™ is now available. Please note that the map will have Google copyright watermarks.

>>Menu/Offline Map/Download Map

2. Add ‘Truck’ marker at startup

Add a 'Truck' marker to mark your car location when the app launches to draw a line between the 'Truck' and 'ME‘ markers.

>>Startup Page

3. Draw a line between a marker & 'ME'

Click a marker to draw a line to 'ME' on Map. Compass will show the direction and distance. Double tap the marker to remove it.

>>Map /Compass

4. Start/Stop Recording

Click 'Start Rec‘/'Stop Rec' to record Tracking History. Click 'Start Rec' again to restart the recording and remove previously recorded tracking lines.

>>Map/Start Rec

5. Real time 'Collar Icon' info

Real time 'Collar Icon’ info has been added to check the Traveled Distance, Current Speed, Altitude, Battery, Updated Time, and Shared Device.


6. Statistics on recorded sessions

On the History/Play Back page, you can press the Statistics button for the session statistics and history.


7. Updated Geo-fence & Mobile-fence Alarm

Updated alert for Geo-fence & Mobile-fence will blink the 'Collar Icon‘ and app screen, or notify on the home or lock screen.


8. More boundary points number for Geo-fence

Arrange up to 15 boundary points now for more detailed arrangement.

>>Startup Page

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