PATHFINDER2 users will enjoy the latest Version 1.0.9 app updates in the FREE GPS Tracking PATHFINDER2 app. These updates feature two interesting updates that will improve the experience for hunters and the outdoorsmen.

E-Fence Update:

A feature in the PATHFINDER2 GPS Tracking and Training system includes the E-fence feature. This feature was in designed in response for those looking for a GPS Pet Containment ability within the app.

We encourage you to check out the full tutorial on how the E-Fence works within the PATHFINDER2 App by checking out this video here.

The latest update to the E-Fence includes the ability to customize your safety zone boundary within the app. Our GPS users can now customize their safety buffer zone from 1 yard to 15 yards.

This makes it convenient for hunters when navigating nearby private properties and areas you may want to prevent your dog from entering.

A Quick rundown on the GPS E-Fence within the App:

  • Users can set the custom boundary of where they would like to contain their dog.
  • When the dog approaches the buffer zone they will receive a one time vibration.
  • When the dog crosses the boundary the will receive a one time correction.
  • Users will receive alerts within their app when dog approaches and crosses boundary.
  • If dog re-enters boundary they will not receive a correction

We advise users that the intended purpose of the E-Fence is designed to be used proactively. Meaning users should be actively paying attention to their app and dog’s whereabouts while the E-Fence is engaged. Keep in mind the dog will only receive a one time correction once they leave the boundary.

Light Mode Update:

Daytime hunters and outdoorsmen will be happy to see the ability to choose between light and dark mode within the PATHFINDER2 App.

As part of the latest update we are giving users the most optimal GPS Dog Tracking experience with the light and dark modes to allow users a better in app viewing experience.

Be sure to check back for the latest PATHFINDER2 GPS Dog Tracking App updates.

About the PATHFINDER2 App:

  • Completely FREE GPS Dog Tracking App
  • No Monthly Membership
  • No Subscriptions
  • Offline Maps Available
  • No Signal Required
  • Must have PATHFINDER2 system to operate

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